Burning Desire

Submitted to dVerse for Quadrille#51: Burn on February 27, 2018. It kindles within the soul  And it seeps through the heart  It burns a need to fly  Dismissing preconceived cautions  It’s time to fly free    Inner voice calling  Encouraging a new beginning  Follow and be content  Listen to your burning desire  Flare yourself independently 

Just go to a Professional

Just go to a professional and the problem will be minimal. If all changes begin with you, why do people like to advise us to visit a professional to make everything better? How does assistance from a stranger resolve all our problems? How are we to expect that a single person could resolve the problemsContinue reading “Just go to a Professional”


What is individuality and how does it provide liberation? Individuality represents a distinct set of characteristics that will differentiate a person from all others. Every individual yearns to explore their person and utilize their abilities. When conscious of your individuality, it provides liberation because it encourages the tendency to follow your person and place theContinue reading “Individuality”

Resist Assistance and Experience Your Brilliance

“There are many ways to get assisted; for your growth, try to resist it.”- Astrid Hardjana-Large There can be many ways to find assistance that will make us feel like we have reached our goal but there is only one person with whom we can truly work with to fully reach our wanted accomplishment andContinue reading “Resist Assistance and Experience Your Brilliance”