The Goal to be Free

Independence, the goal to be free. Courage to let the spirit be liberated, The will to shape an individual reality.   Exploring life to get a sense of actuality, Without the worry of being evaluated. Independence, the goal to be free.   Find confidence practicing individuality. In one’s spirit, become saturated, The will to shapeContinue reading “The Goal to be Free”

How to Live Passionately – No Matter Your Age

  This is an inspirational video that gave me a different perspective on independence. Life isn’t about what we can do physically on our own or what we can prove to others, our freedom is found in the spirit we place into what we do and the enjoyment we recognize in it. Find a passion,Continue reading “How to Live Passionately – No Matter Your Age”

Knowledge for Guidance

Adolph, a mature adolescent, had a good sense of what he must do, but, recently, something held him back. He was proud of himself, yet the taste of independence scared him. If I keep doing things on my own, what if my parents leave me and no longer stand beside me? What will I doContinue reading “Knowledge for Guidance”

I’ll Know When I’m Ready

I want to go slow and steady, Listen to Life’s cues. I’ll know when I’m ready.   There’s no sense in being heady, I’m looking to be true. I want to go slow and steady.   Now isn’t time to throw confetti There’s so much from which to choose. I’ll know when I’m ready.  Continue reading “I’ll Know When I’m Ready”

Qualities Contributing to My Independence

  Reflecting on independence, I’m grateful for my determination, curiosity, creativity, knowledge and love, for contributing to my independence in times of need. First and foremost, my determination to enjoy life and continuously grow helps me to never expect or remain in comfort. It encourages me to explore and welcome every hardship that enters myContinue reading “Qualities Contributing to My Independence”