The Many Hand That Exist

Many share woes when they view my strife Often wondering, “What if it were my life?” It’s hard to believe that life is fair Finding trust in my resourceful care   “You must work for your left hand back! Without it your life would slack!” Why fight for what I hardly utilized? I have otherContinue reading “The Many Hand That Exist”

Love What You Do

Rebecca wondered why volunteer hours were necessary for the completion of high school. Wouldn’t good marks be enough to determine what I would do? What could I possibly offer right now? Despite her apprehension, Rebecca decided to volunteer at the old age home where her grandmother, Natalie, lived. As volunteering became regular, Rebecca was drawnContinue reading “Love What You Do”

Recovery Memories

Sometimes, the journey to reach independence requires different perspectives that include the joys of your life. Five years ago, my daughter encouraged me to start moving and work on cardio by asking me to wheel beside her as she biked around the block. I was uncertain with the request until she decided that we’d beContinue reading “Recovery Memories”

The Challenge of Finding Me

The greatest challenge of finding myself wasn’t the circumstances of my journey, it was the struggle to balance my inner voice with the voices of the world. Fears of epilepsy, my stroke and surviving in the world as I am didn’t start within myself, they started by listening to a parent who was worried aboutContinue reading “The Challenge of Finding Me”

The Goal to be Free

Independence, the goal to be free. Courage to let the spirit be liberated, The will to shape an individual reality.   Exploring life to get a sense of actuality, Without the worry of being evaluated. Independence, the goal to be free.   Find confidence practicing individuality. In one’s spirit, become saturated, The will to shapeContinue reading “The Goal to be Free”