Here We Are Together

After a vast number of dreams  Awakening various fears  Here we are together  Upon our foundation of value  Sharing a love that is unconditional and true    After adventurous living  Maturing individually  Here we are together  Pursuing ambitious endeavors With confidence in being together forever    Many years of experiences are shared in a durableContinue reading “Here We Are Together”

A Talent to Share

We are each born with a great assortment of abilities for us to refine and put into practice but it will be everyone’s necessity to identify which ability they have a passion to support and maintain. Every person’s talent will be extraordinary in its own light but it will also be something that requires nourishmentContinue reading “A Talent to Share”


  What does it mean to be happy and how is it beneficial state of being for daily living? Happiness is a state of being content and feeling pleasure. It is beneficial for daily living because it alleviates a spirit with positive convictions and provides hope in times of hardship. Happiness is desired to accomplishContinue reading “Happy”