Lasting Love

It takes patience to give love strength, Deep understanding is won when we travel the lengths. It can be persistent without selfish demands, In trying times, it often commands. Love is more than a tender touch, Love can come in darkness and mean so much. Love is made of many things blended together, Through happinessContinue reading “Lasting Love”

To Be Happy is a Choice

Ethan lived with a chronic disability and was often met with restrictions when he wanted to enjoy time with others. People felt sorry for him, always stating how they felt things should be for him, though Ethan believed he was the luckiest person alive. Ethan didn’t attend parties like his siblings, always staying close toContinue reading “To Be Happy is a Choice”

My Tears are My Joy

Kyle was celebrating five years of cancer remission and he was driving his wife, Alice, out for a night out in the country. Kyle was quiet as he drove, his mind wandering to the years of his battle. He remembered the struggle, fear, support, and love throughout those years. His emotions erupted with gratitude andContinue reading “My Tears are My Joy”