The Joy of Living: Spoken Word

Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success. Fear not the unexpected, Be open to all that emerges, Every occurrence deserves to be accepted. ~Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success ~ Growth needs to be respected, Life offers in surprising splurges, Mistakes further life’s value,Continue reading “The Joy of Living: Spoken Word”

Adventure of Life

A persistent adventure is life Constant circumstances to survive Obstacles requiring determination Search for will to persevere An ultimate goal, to reach success Continuous opportunities to grow How do I desire to grow? What do I want to live my life? What is my vision of success? How do I wish to survive? Do IContinue reading “Adventure of Life”

It’s About the Journey

Motivation to proceed on a journey is aroused when an achievement is determined. When purpose is clarified, acceptance of opportunities comes readily. Consciousness of desire should never lead to the expectation that hard work only pertains to a single goal, life offers various circumstances that appear to distract from purpose but evolve into lessons neededContinue reading “It’s About the Journey”

I am Becoming: Spoken Word

I am becoming. I have no particular way to be, I follow what moves my heart with value. Change is inevitable, I won’t remain as you see me, I am becoming. I view my journey of life as a personal entity, I am moved to continually search for what feels true. What life is toContinue reading “I am Becoming: Spoken Word”

I am Slowly Becoming: Spoken Word

Every day is a new canvas, I accept that I don’t know. I live intending to discover, I will honor what is to continue flowing. I will honor what is to continue flowing, I am slowly becoming. I accept that I don’t know, To become is to continuously grow. To become is to continuously grow,Continue reading “I am Slowly Becoming: Spoken Word”