Make All Dreams Come True

Enjoy life as is, Away from glamor and glitz.  Savor simplicity,  Create a personal electricity.    Even in the plain,  Beauty has a domain.  There’s always a pleasure  Finding personal treasure    At every rise, Life is a surprise.  It’s an art to view  Making personal dreams come true    Enjoy life as is.  CreateContinue reading “Make All Dreams Come True”

Bundle of Cheer

A bundle of joy, smiles and cheer  How could we not be thankful every year?  The energy you ignite in our hearts  No wonder, to your desires, we adhere    The laughter we feel when you’re near  Will always be cherished and held very dear The world is alive within your presence  A lack of love,Continue reading “Bundle of Cheer”


The Spirit to maintain as we reminisce upon our recent celebrations and anticipate our upcoming New Year =) What is gratitude and why is it necessary to express our gratitude? Gratitude is the sentiment of being appreciative and it is necessary to express our gratitude to contribute to the enlightening experience of life and loveContinue reading “Gratitude”