Gratitude is Healthy

In honor of National Panda Day Inspired by content from Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind, Give thanks to all the awesome that surrounds you. Appreciate to shift the balance towards more, Keep focused on what is true. Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind, There is no other who canContinue reading “Gratitude is Healthy”

Part of Life’s Dance

Be thankful for all the possibilities to acquire. Be grateful, not everything is required. Appreciate that you can advance, Acknowledge it as a part of life’s dance. Absorb different aspects presented, Respect it and find the reason it fermented. Gracious acceptance shall help enhance. Contribution, as a part of life’s dance. Observe your surrounding environments,Continue reading “Part of Life’s Dance”

The Phoenix is Grateful for All

Let the fire burn, Let the senses smolder into consciousness. The phoenix shall rise above the flames, To search for where she belongs. Let the path unwind with process, Let discovery become reality. The phoenix shall fly through every experience, To understand who she is and where she wants to be. Let experience be life’sContinue reading “The Phoenix is Grateful for All”