Search for Eternal Enjoyment

There can be more than one way to resolve a problem, Time is a variable to consider. Individual matter influences the whole, What was may not be what is, Enjoying the moment is more beneficial than foreseeing what may come. I write this poem reflecting on how reactive humanity can be when discovering a solution.Continue reading “Search for Eternal Enjoyment”

Understanding Your Fear

In honor of International Polar Bear Day Inspired by content from You are strong. Know how full of courage you are, Through understanding your fear you can resolve it. You can thrive in environments that may be hostile to others, Stand up to your current challenges in life.

Have Faith in Your Heart’s Desire

In honor of World Whale Day Inspired by content from You cannot know or understand everything. Process your fear and inhibitions, Take time to define exactly what is holding you back. Have faith in your heart’s desire, Allow it to lead you to your destiny.

Make Everything You do a Great Significance

Inspired by: “He did each single thing as if he did nothing else.” -Charles Dickens Do each single thing as if you did nothing else, Place concentration and care into each action. Treat every task with humble consideration, Make everything you do a great significance. A focus should have no room for comparison.