Believe Before Action

We must believe before we take action, Choose to give to secure success. Add your heart in every transaction, Quiet expectations to relieve duress. Weave the web to create a safety net, Venture the unknown to gather wealth. Don’t bank on safety to believe you’re set, Good and bad contribute to wholeness in health .Continue reading “Believe Before Action”

Dare to Look Beyond

Inspired by “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi   Searching for self, you dare to look beyond, The many treasures that lie within reach. You never know what will cause you to feel fond, New lessons it may teach.   The many treasures thatContinue reading “Dare to Look Beyond”

My Greatest Joy

With the holiday season here, I recall the many events and volunteer positions I participated in to celebrate the season and community. Church, non-profit and business gatherings, all requiring organization and enthusiasm. Hard work to celebrate the spirit of Life. ┬áMy greatest joy in life has been in volunteering my efforts to help the greaterContinue reading “My Greatest Joy”