With the Power of Creativity

A poem I posted three years ago that is perfect for my theme. An open mind to what is, with the power of creativity Consciousness to Life’s beauty, with the power of creativity Making use of natural resources Development is habitual with the power of creativity Boredom doesn’t exist Goals are hard to resist withContinue reading “With the Power of Creativity”

To Have A Smile

As life evolves through our times, I chose to repost this poem from  a couple years ago to inspire smiles as changes occur to move us forward. Always worthy to have a smile, Brighten life, choose to have a smile. Ever want a personal addition? Create your own rendition by choosing to have a smile.Continue reading “To Have A Smile”

We are All Different

Inspired by “We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead.” – Roy T. Bennett No matter what species or race, we are all different No matter our circumstance or likes and dislikes, we are all different In the neighborhood in which you reside All matters are meant to coincide, we are all different. We allContinue reading “We are All Different”