Don’t Enter Duress, Respectively Express

Don’t place yourself in duress, recognize your desires and respectively express. Brittany was always a girl who had perfection envisioned in her mind and she didn’t let anything disrupt her dreams. She knew what she wanted and never allowed herself to conform to others. As high school graduation approached, Brittany was excited to shop forContinue reading “Don’t Enter Duress, Respectively Express”

To Ensure Future Alliance

Despite what the past has given  It isn’t reason to abandon hope  We don’t know what life has planned  We only await the chance to explore  It’s time to allow the past to rest  Strive forward and, with love, implore    There’s a chance to begin anew  To reconnect and merge a solid bridge  LetContinue reading “To Ensure Future Alliance”


What is equity and why is it an advantageous mindset to maintain? Equity is a trait that demonstrates a confidence in fairness. Equity is advantageous for a person to maintain when they are aspiring to build new and inclusive relationships in a diverse community. When the journey of life leads a person to an obscureContinue reading “Equity”