Friends Come First

Gwen was looking for a friend to play Betty, her friend, appeared occupied Gwen wondered what she should say “Betty, my friend, would you like to play?” “Gwen! Not now! You interrupted my game! I could have died!”   Gwen walked away, feeling sad and lonely And Betty watched her, wondering how come. Betty realizedContinue reading “Friends Come First”

Journeying Side By Side

The challenge of journeying side by side Realizing difference Despite similarities, to the other, don’t abide   They’re there as a reference Not your solution Realizing difference   It’s your evolution Together to learn Not your solution   An alternate perspective you’ll earn As you contribute Together to learn   Make room for all toContinue reading “Journeying Side By Side”


A filler enters to mend small cracks Solidifying a foundation Encouraging continuous growth While hidden from the line of vision   Fitted to repair at the bottom It enters to correct past mistakes It continues onto the future Providing strength to prevent more breaks   Considered small and unimportant It’s remembered as a strong supportContinue reading “Filler”