Knowledge is a Forest for Exploration

Knowledge is a forest for exploration. Filled with paths that could lead to new roads, Offering a variety of ways to survive. It is open to all And can be adapted to fit many needs Knowledge is a forest for exploration. Filled with many species, both new and ancient, Offering new perspectives to adapt andContinue reading “Knowledge is a Forest for Exploration”

Lack of Freedom

It felt like a transition where humans lacked freedom, I believe humans are being warned for taking freedom for granted. We can’t continue to pretend that we rule the world, With greed to possess, we can’t continue to be enchanted. It’s time to stop denying that we’re part of Nature, Don’t ignore that what weContinue reading “Lack of Freedom”

My Liberating Truth

When I went in for brain surgery six years ago, I carried 24 years of head-banging onto the table. In the months prior to brain surgery, I hit my head on the curb twice and fell down a flight of tile stairs. There was no way for anyone to be certain of what would be.Continue reading “My Liberating Truth”