Charismatic attention Omitting the chance for failure Negating preventions Connection to personal purpose Enduring focus Neutralizing preventative circumstances Training for achievements Reimbursement of mental energy Attributing to a wanted goal Tuition for the fundamentals of ambition completion Internal and personal Objective to succeed Naturalizing capabilities What is concentration and how is it an assistance toContinue reading “Concentration”

A Winning Board

The ambition was to have a winning board, To make it through despite the doubtful mist. It’s often hard to stay on the right course. When it felt like routine, they became bored, Letting important details to get missed And causing the journey to feel more coarse.   In moments, when it felt extremely coarse,Continue reading “A Winning Board”

The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise

As everyone strives to find and develop their authentic selves, Wendy Suzuki’s speech gave me a new perspective on how we can develop our character while caring for our bodies and sustain Life within ourselves. It isn’t only to look good or be healthy, it’s to feel good energy, increase focus and strengthen our mindsContinue reading “The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise”