Trigger of Curiosity

Fear, the trigger of curiosity To venture into turbulent truths To enter without animosity A shovel to dig into hidden roots Revisit what we kept hidden as youths It’s a gift to recognize its presence And learn its complete meaning and essence Fear is often related to negativity. I believe the wariness towards uncertainty isContinue reading “Trigger of Curiosity”

The Beautiful Balance Between Courage and Fear

Cara E Yar Khan shares her inspirational story that strengthens my belief that all challenges can be conquered with courage. Fear is necessary in Life and courage is required to go along with it. The experiences unfold into successful growth. The most challenging terrain to embark on to find our balance is the landscape ofContinue reading “The Beautiful Balance Between Courage and Fear”

Waking From a Dream

Have you ever had a dream that you’ve held onto but didn’t realize it existed? Last week, I had an intense week of self-discovery and I found the dream that made my denial of brain damage so strong.  When I was eleven, I was a gymnast and I loved soaring through the air on theContinue reading “Waking From a Dream”