Your Greatest Power is in Your Smile

“Mommy, your greatest power is in your smile.” Don’t ever choose to let it be lost It gives you a radiant style I’ll help you keep it, no matter the cost   For when your power is running low You have a way to make it extra bright Just work on a frown for showContinue reading “Your Greatest Power is in Your Smile”

Deprived of Thee

The mother looked at her photo album and pondered where the time went. How could something so small and living within her grow so big and feel so distant? Reminiscent about days when her daughter would cling to her skirts and fit snugly in her lap, she recalls the frustration felt when she needed privacy.Continue reading “Deprived of Thee”

Family Decisions

It matters not what’s in their minds, Even if it feels like annoyance. For it’s meant to present a unity, One beyond an individual need.   Family decisions aren’t made alone, Despite the array of opinions. Perspectives are meant to be collaborated To satisfy every need.   No solution will have no flaws Or beContinue reading “Family Decisions”

It’s an Adventure

The exhilaration of starting the motion Ready to climb to the top of the hills Not remembering slopes on the other side Until speed accelerates into chills   It’s an adventure to motivate good progress Though uncertain of direction to head Sometimes we guide and assume the control Other times we follow while being ledContinue reading “It’s an Adventure”