Halloween Night

Excited fun that rings the bells Encouraging my pup to kindly greet Many costumes, smiles and faces As everyone happily collects treats   Halloween kindness as we share Fun family time for our children Some fun collecting chocolates Adding mass to the family cauldron   Enjoyment, a night to let go Different characters, we becomeContinue reading “Halloween Night”

Variety of Love

Joanita looked upon her children’s families, pondering on the variety of love she saw. In her daughter’s family, she watched her daughter teach strict disciplines, sometimes forgetting the children’s perspectives. In her son’s family, she watched her grandchildren being pushed with ambition and crying because they didn’t feel good enough. Joanita felt lost, wanting toContinue reading “Variety of Love”

New Roles, New Chapters

Tamara is a mother dedicated to standing by her daughter Isabel’s side. Isabel married and invited her mother to live with them, grateful for guidance when her son, Billy, arrived. Tamara became a part of everything Isabel did. Despite her appreciation, Isabel noticed Tamara doing everything for her and refusing her role as grandmother. IsabelContinue reading “New Roles, New Chapters”

The Art of Can Carrying

Abigail’s the youngest in her family. She watches her parents go to work every day and begins her days trailing after her big brother, Adam.  Adam took care of her when her parents were busy, and Abigail wondered what she could contribute to her family. One night, her father worked overtime, Adam studied for aContinue reading “The Art of Can Carrying”