Values are the Root

Keira was excited to adventure into independence. She grew up with three older brothers and longed for female companionship. Keira’s parents were apprehensive when she applied for university across the country, they didn’t want their little girl to be without protection. Despite the uncertainty, Keira knew she had to find herself and would always beContinue reading “Values are the Root”

Take This Symbol of My Love, Continued

Take this symbol of my love that has begun and never ends, While on this day we intertwine the meshes of our lives. For these past years we have made a love with every square, We have a quilt of past and present, threaded to endure. A future we will stitch together, new squares toContinue reading “Take This Symbol of My Love, Continued”

Extravagance in Darkness

At dVerse, Victoria prompted us to write a prose of 144 words or less using the line “If it’s darkness we’re having, let it be extravagant.” from poet Jane Kenyon Juliana stared wistfully out the window, longing for sunlight. Last weekend,the clocks changed, yet still darkness remained. She dreamed to restore her enthusiasm and knewContinue reading “Extravagance in Darkness”