Moving Forward Together

Inspired by “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” -Martin Luther King Jr   Three brothers of various ages were close, yet so different. Brian, the eldest, was ten years of age, loved toContinue reading “Moving Forward Together”

Family: Spoken Word Poetry

United with tradition, purpose and love We are as bright as stars up above Linked to each other from start to finish Family warmth is nothing we’d want to relinquish   We search for each other in times of need Family provides much nourishment and seeds We are whole when we reconnect Continuing to growContinue reading “Family: Spoken Word Poetry”

Winter’s Beauty: Spoken Word Poetry

  As Winter shares beauty and icy chills We celebrate the end of a great year Joyous festivities spark our good will We share love with family in good cheer   Accepting the shivers that come visit We offer warm snacks and drinks to savor Warmth in togetherness, we elicit As we share meals ofContinue reading “Winter’s Beauty: Spoken Word Poetry”

Holiday Gatherings

Time to gather for Christmas And rejoice in celebration.   Decorate to ignite cheer And express exultation.   Wrapped gifts with the joy it brings, As everyone awaits in loving anticipation   Excitement with friends and family, Love is a constant inspiration.   The warmth of gathering, in our hearts stay near; In time forContinue reading “Holiday Gatherings”

Recovery Memories

Sometimes, the journey to reach independence requires different perspectives that include the joys of your life. Five years ago, my daughter encouraged me to start moving and work on cardio by asking me to wheel beside her as she biked around the block. I was uncertain with the request until she decided that we’d beContinue reading “Recovery Memories”