Parenting is Long-Term

No matter the stresses of today, parenting is long-term Despite the success seen today, parenting is long-term Respect what your instincts say in the now Though each situation is distinct, parenting is long-term Accept the turbulent journey For it reaps excellent rewards, parenting is long-term Celebrate whenever they achieve It gives reason to believe and,Continue reading “Parenting is Long-Term”

We Are All Different, But of the Same Species

You perform rituals and ceremonies You create meals and tonics from the resources you gather You practice methods for survival You do your best to share love with your family and community ~ We are all different, but of the same species~ I celebrate traditions and celebrations I create meals and drinks from the resourcesContinue reading “We Are All Different, But of the Same Species”

Tis The Season For Lots of Love

Tis the season for lots of love Gather all friends and family And celebrate the joys from above Plan a feast and wrap gifts happily Distribute it all around Gather all friends and family Add the carols to make it sound As it adds love to spirit Distribute it all around Enjoy the decorations asContinue reading “Tis The Season For Lots of Love”