Believe Before Action

We must believe before we take action, Choose to give to secure success. Add your heart in every transaction, Quiet expectations to relieve duress. Weave the web to create a safety net, Venture the unknown to gather wealth. Don’t bank on safety to believe you’re set, Good and bad contribute to wholeness in health .Continue reading “Believe Before Action”

The Courage to Live with Radical Uncertainty

  I share this video because I related to it deeply and Shekinah’s message is one I’ve been wanting to share. I believe there’s so much opportunity in uncertainty and it’s the thrill of it that keeps me living freely without specific guidelines or fears to limit me. Have faith in life and don’t letContinue reading “The Courage to Live with Radical Uncertainty”

Trusting His Vision

Photo by Joseph Young on Unsplash He stares around at the hazy fog of life, searching for a path. He envisions great things, yet nothing is within his sight. He believes in the light destined to come, yet nothing offers proof of its truth. He commits himself to wander through this gray region and questionsContinue reading “Trusting His Vision”