Look for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Look for the best but prepare for the worst Place faith in the outcome you desire Take time to review the root of your cause Don’t let hardship be reason to retire Look for the best but prepare for the worst Observe the whole and assess the entire Aim for success while remaining open toContinue reading “Look for the Best, Prepare for the Worst”

You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Solve Big Problems

Tapiwa Chiwewe encourages the world to be open, creative and courageous to try. When the issues of the world overwhelm you and the solutions presented to you aren’t for you, be innovative and try something new. Every effort is a contribution and our faith will help it grow.

Believe to Achieve

Believe to achieve Explore whatever peaks your curiosity Sort through everything that comes your way Stay calm when Life’s velocity Believe to achieve Allow failure to heighten your luminosity Count your blessings every day You are your own entity Believe to achieve You are what you perceive I’ve created another poetry form for myself. IContinue reading “Believe to Achieve”