Ideas are Seeds Shared

Ideas are seeds shared, Not always vital for growth, Yet, expressions to show that one cares. Spirit is love being distributed. Sometimes it appears clouded, Yet, always requires effort to contribute. Intentions are first steps, Toddle steps to make a difference, Yet, hold potential to grow with depth. I’ve lived my life feeling filled withContinue reading “Ideas are Seeds Shared”


What is grace and how is it an expression of our person? Grace is beauty of form or action and it is an expression of our person because it emanates core beliefs and demonstrates aspirations. A comfort with individuality will heighten the ability to exhibit unique, defining characteristics. There are many ways to demonstrate graceContinue reading “Grace”

Only Yourself for You to Impress

There are many styles to express  Though it’s judgement, to which we stress There’s no way to satisfy them all  But it’s who we are that we want to press   We know of the way we decide  Though unsure of how it resides  We follow our hearts and remain brave  And to our personContinue reading “Only Yourself for You to Impress”