Senses Slowly Heighten

Senses slowly heighten Confused with present and past Continue trying As I regain senses in my body, I am overwhelmed with how it feels and the ties to the past that it uncovers. My mind can’t grasp the full picture, but my soul knows that I’m moving forward. All I can do is experience itContinue reading “Senses Slowly Heighten”

Enjoy the Strokes!

Enjoy the strokes as proof of your life! Honor every wrinkle as a sign of survival View the gray as threads of perseverance Hail stretch marks as maternal Enjoy the strokes as proof of your life! Let every mark be a sign of life intervals Let old age be the color of experience Appreciate theContinue reading “Enjoy the Strokes!”

Make Everything You do a Great Significance

Inspired by: “He did each single thing as if he did nothing else.” -Charles Dickens Do each single thing as if you did nothing else, Place concentration and care into each action. Treat every task with humble consideration, Make everything you do a great significance. A focus should have no room for comparison.

Travel with Enthusiasm

Inspired by “Go – not knowing where. Bring – not knowing what. The path is long, the way unknown.” -Russian Fairy Tale Search, going beyond where you already are, Go – not knowing where. Gather, to absorb all that is, Bring – not knowing what. Bring – not knowing what, Remain open to all thatContinue reading “Travel with Enthusiasm”