Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

“You are as old as you choose to believe, You are successful when you choose to recognize what you achieve, You are as helpless as you choose to perceive, You are as valuable as you choose to believe.” You are as old as you choose to believe, Many things are said about getting old ButContinue reading “Choose Your Thoughts Wisely”

For Full Experience

Don’t calm When emotions are hot Let the heat soar Without getting caught Necessary for full experience To cycle hot and cold Sometimes, it’s a repeat Wise lessons never get old When we witness someone else going through emotional pain, we often rush to calm them, a difficult task when emotions are hot. I findContinue reading “For Full Experience”

Tornado Visualization

Are you feeling disconnected from your dreams? Is the energy around you starting to feel turbulent? Take a moment to sit and restore your hope. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and start steadying your breath. When you reach your rhythm, imagine your troubles gathering around you, webbed together as a gray fogContinue reading “Tornado Visualization”

Life’s Full Experience

Calm Peaceful, still Unharming, securing, Flowing Tranquil, serene, chaotic, tumultuous Disturbing, alarming, discouraging Worrisome, inconvenient Turbulence -Life’s full experience- Turbulence Worrisome, inconvenient Disturbing, alarming, discouraging Tumultuous, chaotic, serene, tranquil Unharming, securing, flowing Peaceful, still Calm

Trigger of Curiosity

Fear, the trigger of curiosity To venture into turbulent truths To enter without animosity A shovel to dig into hidden roots Revisit what we kept hidden as youths It’s a gift to recognize its presence And learn its complete meaning and essence Fear is often related to negativity. I believe the wariness towards uncertainty isContinue reading “Trigger of Curiosity”