Because It All Starts From Within

An egg hatches with new life, A baby is ready to explore and strive because it all starts from within. When facing what seems impossible, Connect with your spirit to find what’s plausible because it all starts from within. Everyone can make a difference, There is no set level of skill or intelligence because itContinue reading “Because It All Starts From Within”

Go Find the Essence

Go find the essence of your fears, It’s a journey clouded by tears. A darkness to experience, -Searching hard for life’s relevance- The path can seem bleak and austere, Though not all is as it appears. We long to forget and return to cheer Scared to find out where the journey steers It takes timeContinue reading “Go Find the Essence”

It’s All About the Experience

Whether the situation feels like conflict or harmony, it’s all about the experience. When you must admit that you don’t know but are curious to find out, it’s all about the experience. When the terrain you tread challenges you beyond your ability, Accept it as a review of your capabilities because it’s all about theContinue reading “It’s All About the Experience”

It’s Always Easy to Begin Knowing

To be focused Is to know and hear yourself Every step of the way. To be grounded Is to place your values first Every step of the way To be confident Is to trust and follow your heart Every step of the way ~It’s always easy to begin knowing~ To remain focused Is to reflectContinue reading “It’s Always Easy to Begin Knowing”