Each is Their Own Type of Warrior

Heed not the rants of a worrier, Stay open, for each is their own type of warrior. Hear stories to widen perspective, Make effort to not be subjective. Stay open, for each is their own type of warrior, Embark on the adventure that is yours alone. Make effort to not be subjective, Embrace experience andContinue reading “Each is Their Own Type of Warrior”

Experiences Remain My Treasure

I’m not meant for what I was anymore. Many goals accomplished when young and able, An abundance of ventures worthy due to curiosity. Home, maintained by another, felt stable, I’m not meant for what I was anymore. Not every desire and joy remain tenable, I must embrace change and accept reality. I will rejoice inContinue reading “Experiences Remain My Treasure”

The Years Fly By

The years fly by, The memories hover near. All is a present from the past, A supportive carrier to move forward. There is no more asking why, No other purpose but to celebrate with cheer. What comes doesn’t feel likely to last, Yet, every occurrence is a reward. I’m grateful to try, It’s success toContinue reading “The Years Fly By”

All That Is is Perfection

Perfection drawn before change is an illusion, It’s what we choose to aim for that may not remain. A perception that doesn’t have to remain set, Life asks us to be open to alterations. One must evolve before their goals are truly met, Perfection feels safe, though from it, we must refrain. From start toContinue reading “All That Is is Perfection”