Communication: Repost

Today: This poem was written and posted at a time when I learnt the value of sharing my life with others. At that time, it was sharing my experiences with epilepsy. Since that time, epilepsy is gone, and my stroke recovery helps me to continue sharing through communication. It isn’t easy to always understand whatContinue reading “Communication: Repost”

My Liberating Truth

When I went in for brain surgery six years ago, I carried 24 years of head-banging onto the table. In the months prior to brain surgery, I hit my head on the curb twice and fell down a flight of tile stairs. There was no way for anyone to be certain of what would be.Continue reading “My Liberating Truth”

Twenty Nine Years

Twenty nine years of dealing with neurology It’s time I give my past experiences a eulogy   What began as epilepsy Filled my life with adversity Encouragement to search spiritually Training to accept each moment individually   Authenticity became the way Perseverance practiced every day Hope and love helped me proceed I’m lucky I didn’tContinue reading “Twenty Nine Years”

Fear of Falls

What do you fear when doing something daring to express yourself? For me, my greatest fear is falling down and I do mean physically. My nervous system has been out of whack most of my life and I started learning my limitations when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was always a person who pouredContinue reading “Fear of Falls”

Appreciating that I’m Alive

They all happened so fast, Every day in many episodes. The experience had to be swallowed; There was no time to stop and feel, I could only concentrate on being happy to be alive   There were times when happiness didn’t quite last, When I could only guess what were on the roads. If IContinue reading “Appreciating that I’m Alive”