December, Month of Enjoyment

For the month of December, and my last monthly theme, I’ve chosen enjoyment as my theme. To me, enjoyment is about connecting to my inner peace. In whatever circumstance I find myself in, I am in enjoyment when I give myself time to be conscious of my feelings and thoughts in the moment.  Throughout myContinue reading “December, Month of Enjoyment”

Open Your Heart to be Wild and Free

Open your heart to be wild and free Let go of what was to enjoy what is Explore what opens by spreading your wings Soar through the air and take another plunge Let go of what was to enjoy what is Leave the past in a cloud of dust Soar through the air and takeContinue reading “Open Your Heart to be Wild and Free”

Mindful Potion

Ever dreamt of being a witch making a potion to cure your stress? Well, kick up your imagination and make it true. Become the mindful witch that intends to heal with a mixture that you love to savor. First, choose a drink of choice to enjoy and start gathering the ingredients for your merry concoction.Continue reading “Mindful Potion”

Treat Life as a Dance

Inspired by ” Keep calm and be crazy, laugh, love and live it up because this is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” -Anonymous Keep calm and be ready to collect, It’ll be offered whether you’re old or young. Laugh in your endeavors with respect, In all experiences, keep yourselfContinue reading “Treat Life as a Dance”