Be One with Life

Waking up Open eyes to new Commence with curiosity Find what’s hidden Grow into more Living life Accepting what comes Judge only what enlightens you Expand your view Move with Life’s gifts Know to rest Give thanks for what passed Absorb it all with gratitude Be one with Life Give to receive Let it passContinue reading “Be One with Life”

Travel with Enthusiasm

Inspired by “Go – not knowing where. Bring – not knowing what. The path is long, the way unknown.” -Russian Fairy Tale Search, going beyond where you already are, Go – not knowing where. Gather, to absorb all that is, Bring – not knowing what. Bring – not knowing what, Remain open to all thatContinue reading “Travel with Enthusiasm”

Celebrate Being Part of Everything

Inspired by “Sit quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” -Zen saying Sit quietly, doing nothing, Let the new come onto you. Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself, All that blossom will be true. Sit quietly, doing nothing, Appreciate all that grew. Have faith in the worth of self,Continue reading “Celebrate Being Part of Everything”