Take It As Is

Recover, Without a set plan, Aim to discover anew. Drop the pressure, Take it as is. Live your life, No expectations. Set only your heart’s call, Honest in thought, Pure intentions. As I have now chosen to continue my recovery without a set plan, I find that there is more chance for discovery and lessContinue reading “Take It As Is”

Search for Eternal Enjoyment

There can be more than one way to resolve a problem, Time is a variable to consider. Individual matter influences the whole, What was may not be what is, Enjoying the moment is more beneficial than foreseeing what may come. I write this poem reflecting on how reactive humanity can be when discovering a solution.Continue reading “Search for Eternal Enjoyment”

Be One with Life

Waking up Open eyes to new Commence with curiosity Find what’s hidden Grow into more Living life Accepting what comes Judge only what enlightens you Expand your view Move with Life’s gifts Know to rest Give thanks for what passed Absorb it all with gratitude Be one with Life Give to receive Let it passContinue reading “Be One with Life”