Storm of Old and New

A storm of old and new arises. Waves loudly crash on the shore, Voicing their worry and uncertainty, As lightning strikes the sky with confidence. The winds whip around in a frenzy, Causing new steps to feel unsteady. The chill of uncertainty sends cold nips down one’s spine, As arms in the sky frantically danceContinue reading “Storm of Old and New”

For Full Experience

Don’t calm When emotions are hot Let the heat soar Without getting caught Necessary for full experience To cycle hot and cold Sometimes, it’s a repeat Wise lessons never get old When we witness someone else going through emotional pain, we often rush to calm them, a difficult task when emotions are hot. I findContinue reading “For Full Experience”

Admitting Jealousy

Growing up, I was taught that jealousy is evil and must be avoided at all cost. I thought it was the root of hate and would prevent love, but now I know that perception isn’t true. I wanted to be a good person and my life led me to differences that caused envy for whatContinue reading “Admitting Jealousy”