To Move with New Force

A slumber my spirit did need  As the hype of wanting rose  Buried under what ifs and maybes  In Winter, my spirit froze  To see the hope and hear new beginnings  I aim to move with new force  In celebration with merriment, not remorse    A quadrille of 44 words submitted to dVerse using theContinue reading “To Move with New Force”

Extravagance in Darkness

At dVerse, Victoria prompted us to write a prose of 144 words or less using the line “If it’s darkness we’re having, let it be extravagant.” from poet Jane Kenyon Juliana stared wistfully out the window, longing for sunlight. Last weekend,the clocks changed, yet still darkness remained. She dreamed to restore her enthusiasm and knewContinue reading “Extravagance in Darkness”

Condemnation of Healers

At dverse, Bjorn prompted us to write prose from poetry using the line “This is the barrenness of harvest and pestilence.”   I trudge the rows of the cemetery, remembering judgmental stares of hate tearing my life apart. Viewing lifeless tombs representing those who sought power and are now laying beneath a blanket that livesContinue reading “Condemnation of Healers”