Life Doesn’t Wait, Life Offers

Change inevitably happens Life doesn’t wait until we feel ready. We tend to think that it’s unfair, Yet, Life never offers what we can’t handle. Truth stings and turns us to look for the other way, Life doesn’t wait until we feel ready. We don’t feel ready to face what is, Yet, Life never offersContinue reading “Life Doesn’t Wait, Life Offers”

An Imperative Alliance

Beyond the walls of diversity, Lies a force that nourishes unity. A power that needs to be embraced, To have all deprecations effaced.   A passionate affection for all that surrounds us, An open acceptance for the things that astound us. The power of love that’s meant for sharing; An expression because we are meantContinue reading “An Imperative Alliance”

May, Month of Authenticity

For May 2020, the monthly virtue theme I chose is authenticity. To me, authenticity is a person’s will to follow their heart and face the diversity this decision causes. It’s an expression of originality that opens doors to who you’re meant to be, the unique characteristic that makes one stand out. In my experience, theContinue reading “May, Month of Authenticity”

March, Month of Hope

In the month of March, I’ve chosen the virtue of hope as the monthly theme. Hope, to me, is the belief that Life will work out no matter what the circumstances are today. In times of darkness, hope is the belief that light will come again. Hope is also the understanding that darkness brings balance,Continue reading “March, Month of Hope”