Live with No Must

Inspired by “The map is not the territory.” -Alfred Korzbyski Must we know where to go or shall we invest trust? Knowledge is a brief guideline to commence the trek, Listen with your heart and be led to go beyond. Relieve your mind, dare to let go of all your previous fuss, Be led byContinue reading “Live with No Must”

Travel with Enthusiasm

Inspired by “Go – not knowing where. Bring – not knowing what. The path is long, the way unknown.” -Russian Fairy Tale Search, going beyond where you already are, Go – not knowing where. Gather, to absorb all that is, Bring – not knowing what. Bring – not knowing what, Remain open to all thatContinue reading “Travel with Enthusiasm”

Seek What They Sought

Inspired by “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.” -Basho Be led by elders to be enlightened Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Search through their work to find what calls you Seek what they sought. Seek what they sought. Connect toContinue reading “Seek What They Sought”

Can a Hole Become Whole?

I’m dedicating the last half of August to work using homonyms. I find that homonyms are fun in making a piece of work sound the same but have a different meaning. Homonyms help me to think outside the box and get creative with meaning. As an extra challenge, I’ve created a Homophonous poetry form. ThisContinue reading “Can a Hole Become Whole?”

Life Continues On

Life continues on, Wonders offered, a present. Wherever does it begin or end? So many great gifts to discover. So many great gifts to discover, Many mysteries to unravel. Wonders offered, a present, Thou cannot keep asking for more. Thou cannot keep asking for more, Abundance deserves time to enjoy. Many mysteries to unravel, FindContinue reading “Life Continues On”