Life’s Adventure and Disability

Life comes together piece by piece, Creating a dream you hold dear. Then a time comes when you’re disabled, And there’s disruption to your peace. Thoughts are overwhelmed by fears And you must fight to make life stable.   Search within to find new pieces, Gain new strength before you adhere. You know in yourContinue reading “Life’s Adventure and Disability”


What is it? Disability? Unique traits Hidden strengths Qualities, makes one stand out, Disability   I find that disability is looked upon as something lacking or incomplete. I don’t agree with this assumption. At times when things are lacking, one must search the resources they possess to compensate and make things possible. Those are theContinue reading “Disability”

Is Disability a Weakness?

“Is our disability a weakness? Disability will only be a weakness when we cannot recognize care from others or cannot allow acceptance to our needs.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large When we have a disability, when we are in need of care from others and not as able as others, we can fear that we appear weakContinue reading “Is Disability a Weakness?”

A Helpful and Positive Ability

Many wonder how I deal with my disability As a resource, I use my creativity All my experiences are a positive addition Using creativity gives negativity an execution Acceptance of my gifts becomes a motivation Seeing positivity spread is an inspiration I want to keep going when I see my gifts spread It helps meContinue reading “A Helpful and Positive Ability”


Disability. Is that an inability? No. It is a Challenge To live your life differently.   It can be a scare, To people that are unaware. Give yourself knowledge, Disability becomes a dare   Be yourself the best, Acceptance will put fears to rest. Disability? Conquer your personal life’s quest.   This was a poemContinue reading “Disability”