When You’re Ready

You don’t have to be like them, Choose to know you in the now. You make mistakes as you aim to be a gem, You will learn new things anyhow. It’s okay to watch others speed by, Continue developing slow and steady. Never choose to ask why, You’ll get there when you’re ready.   There’llContinue reading “When You’re Ready”

One Step at a Time

Taking it one step at a time Letting it go day by day Flowing with life like water Riding all waves up and down Developing who I want to be   Never always staying in line Following directions whichever way Sorting through what really matters Never allowing myself to drown Keeping eyes open so IContinue reading “One Step at a Time”

What is Change?

Change is bad, When staring at the unknown. Change becomes good After the full picture is shown.   Change is an upheaval Of the remnants of relief. Change offers new perspectives, To strengthen your beliefs.   Change is a new beginning, To explore and test your will. Change is development That will become a pastContinue reading “What is Change?”