Radio Waves

Remember the days when tuning the radio was cool? Sitting with our fingers on the dial as the radio waves slowly make a connection, we’d fervently concentrate to hear our station. Such is, as I’ve recently learned, the recovery from a stroke. With many neurons to rebirth, there’s no knowing which one is fully tunedContinue reading “Radio Waves”

Discovering Myself Without a Label

Almost thirty years ago, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I watched as people around me began predicting my life based on the information they found. This made me determined to never say, “I’m epileptic.” because I felt I’d only be known for my medical condition. There was no avoiding what I had, and IContinue reading “Discovering Myself Without a Label”

Confident Intentions

George, a kindergartener, loved doing crafts at school. He was intrigued with how simple items could transform into great gifts. One day, George’s classmate didn’t get to do art because the teacher didn’t have enough toilet paper rolls for the whole class. George knew his families collected many recyclables every week and decided to startContinue reading “Confident Intentions”

Challenges Make Life Meaningful

Oscar was born with a lisp and struggled when speaking in front of others. He grew up hearing whispered comments about his defect and became determined to make his own way to succeed. Oscar worked hard to include himself and challenge his defect. He joined speech contests and volunteered to interact with as many differentContinue reading “Challenges Make Life Meaningful”