Journey of Life

Upon a journey that lasts many years  We would not survive without the smiles that appear  Within each day there is something new to comprehend  And every new experience can become a friend    With every interruption a new door will unlock Present itself as a path or unwanted block  Determine within you what youContinue reading “Journey of Life”

Confused and Tired

How is it that I remain so fired Without realizing that I am tired? From where does this energy generate? Are there times I have to choose to not concentrate? Where is this determination found? To me, why does it feel bound? How does one find their balance? While continuing to advance Through the journeyContinue reading “Confused and Tired”

Accumulation with Time

Accumulation with time In all the aches and pains I have to keep my focus On what I wish to gain   Loving time with family Without falling down Memories full of smiles No unwanted personal frowns   Aches and pains may cause you to question But they are still small steps forward Upon theContinue reading “Accumulation with Time”

Life that is Seizure-Free

To live a life that is seizure-free Is something that I want for me Days without unexpected falls No more worries for my family It will be hard to reach the goal But each step helps make it whole I have a will to keep on going And with effort,it will start showing It feelsContinue reading “Life that is Seizure-Free”