The Adrenaline of Hardship

It pushes you to uncover, It believes in the potential you hold. It encourages you to take ownership, It’s there to set a test -The adrenaline of hardship, The joy of living- Without it, you wouldn’t go further. Without it, you wouldn’t discover yourself. Without it, you wouldn’t have experiences to own, Hardship is thereContinue reading “The Adrenaline of Hardship”

Use It or Lose It!

Astrid, you’re only forty! How could you say you understand the effects of old age? True, I can’t say I’m experiencing old age. I can say that I’ve had the experience of being with older people. After my stroke, I spent time with different people (young, old, patients and professionals) and the same advice wasContinue reading “Use It or Lose It!”

Patiently Persevere

Jocelyn loved cross stitching since she was young and wished art wasn’t fading from her world. She attended craft shows and found there were less of her chosen art. Wanting art to live on, Jocelyn decided to sell her work online. Apprehensive starting, doubting popularity, Jocelyn was determined to share her craft. A month afterContinue reading “Patiently Persevere”

Radio Waves

Remember the days when tuning the radio was cool? Sitting with our fingers on the dial as the radio waves slowly make a connection, we’d fervently concentrate to hear our station. Such is, as I’ve recently learned, the recovery from a stroke. With many neurons to rebirth, there’s no knowing which one is fully tunedContinue reading “Radio Waves”