With the Power of Creativity

A poem I posted three years ago that is perfect for my theme. An open mind to what is, with the power of creativity Consciousness to Life’s beauty, with the power of creativity Making use of natural resources Development is habitual with the power of creativity Boredom doesn’t exist Goals are hard to resist withContinue reading “With the Power of Creativity”

The Child That’s Alive

Inspired by “The creative adult is the child who survived.” -Ursula Leguin Don’t let imagination die as you grow old, Awaken your inner child and remain bold. There is no knowing what everything will be And there are wonders that our eyes won’t see. Stay creative as you age and mature, Experiment with all asContinue reading “The Child That’s Alive”

Rainbow Butterfly

Look beyond and be courageous Concentrate to catch a new light Stare into the beauty of creation What was a butterfly, could transform Look at you as a cat’s face While crafting, be ambiguous Capture whatever’s in your sight Flow with your imagination Explore techniques to find a form What’s gets marked won’t be erasedContinue reading “Rainbow Butterfly”