A Clever Daughter/Dotter

I chose 6 homonyms to make a small paragraph out of. It’s amazing how the story can change when the words are switched. 1st Version: My little girl is a clever dotter. Always intent on being creative, she tests her limits aloud. She enjoys filling her palette and, before her canvas, she uses her pause.Continue reading “A Clever Daughter/Dotter”

You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Solve Big Problems

Tapiwa Chiwewe encourages the world to be open, creative and courageous to try. When the issues of the world overwhelm you and the solutions presented to you aren’t for you, be innovative and try something new. Every effort is a contribution and our faith will help it grow.

With the Power of Creativity

A poem I posted three years ago that is perfect for my theme. An open mind to what is, with the power of creativity Consciousness to Life’s beauty, with the power of creativity Making use of natural resources Development is habitual with the power of creativity Boredom doesn’t exist Goals are hard to resist withContinue reading “With the Power of Creativity”