Progress in Confusion: Spoken Word

Progress is confusion A hopeful lift Before the plunge of reality Then the strenuous climb to sustain desires Achieve to start over Nothing left behind It’s the start of your adventure Development towards desired success There’s nothing to resent Respect with love Perseverance lies in your courage Through your source of love within you’ll beContinue reading “Progress in Confusion: Spoken Word”

My Identity is a Superpower–Not an Obstacle

Listening to America Ferrara’s experience reminds me of the obstacles that exists when we think we live to impress. She reminds me of the importance of courage and what we choose to believe in the outcome of our lives. Living as we are and in what we believe is what will shape our reality.

The Beautiful Balance Between Courage and Fear

Cara E Yar Khan shares her inspirational story that strengthens my belief that all challenges can be conquered with courage. Fear is necessary in Life and courage is required to go along with it. The experiences unfold into successful growth. The most challenging terrain to embark on to find our balance is the landscape ofContinue reading “The Beautiful Balance Between Courage and Fear”

Open Up Your Heart

Open up your heart Follow the unknown with trust Unwrap mysteries Take one wonder at a time Become better for yourself I feel that an important step to awareness is the willingness to open our hearts. It’s a step of uncertainty and leads us to the beauty of the unknown when we trust and followContinue reading “Open Up Your Heart”