Understanding Your Fear

In honor of International Polar Bear Day Inspired by content from https://www.spirit-animals.com/polar-bear-symbolism/ You are strong. Know how full of courage you are, Through understanding your fear you can resolve it. You can thrive in environments that may be hostile to others, Stand up to your current challenges in life.

Don’t Hold Back: Spoken Word

Shine brightly without restrain, Search within for a power to use. Don’t hold back or complain. Be aware when you want to refuse, It’s a personal responsibility. Search within for a power to use. Believe in your dream’s feasibility, Pursue with determination. It’s a personal responsibility. Don’t let others break your concentration, For no otherContinue reading “Don’t Hold Back: Spoken Word”


What is a Warrior? A warrior is first and foremost a witness of hardships and challenge in their lifetime. No matter what they’re faced with, warriors tend to aggressively fight for justice. They are righteous for the Greater Good and possess a redundancy of courage to face whatever comes their way while staying true toContinue reading “Warrior”

Progress in Confusion: Spoken Word

Progress is confusion A hopeful lift Before the plunge of reality Then the strenuous climb to sustain desires Achieve to start over Nothing left behind It’s the start of your adventure Development towards desired success There’s nothing to resent Respect with love Perseverance lies in your courage Through your source of love within you’ll beContinue reading “Progress in Confusion: Spoken Word”