The Beautiful Balance Between Courage and Fear

Cara E Yar Khan shares her inspirational story that strengthens my belief that all challenges can be conquered with courage. Fear is necessary in Life and courage is required to go along with it. The experiences unfold into successful growth. The most challenging terrain to embark on to find our balance is the landscape ofContinue reading “The Beautiful Balance Between Courage and Fear”

Open Up Your Heart

Open up your heart Follow the unknown with trust Unwrap mysteries Take one wonder at a time Become better for yourself I feel that an important step to awareness is the willingness to open our hearts. It’s a step of uncertainty and leads us to the beauty of the unknown when we trust and followContinue reading “Open Up Your Heart”

Courage, Whether Loud or Quiet

Inspired by “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill It takes courage to stand and speak It’s wise to know your ground Whether loud or quiet, you are not weak Take time to observe the sounds Get a feelContinue reading “Courage, Whether Loud or Quiet”


What is sacrifice and why is it an important action to perform in life? Sacrifice is the choice to surrender to cause an advance and it is an important action to perform in life because success is achieved through a willingness to endure hardship. A privilege can’t be expected without deliberate efforts to obtain it.Continue reading “Sacrifice”