Generosity of Spirit

Generosity isn’t only about giving material items or sharing what others can track. Sometimes, participating in the small acts that others overlook or just sharing spirit is the best way to give and enjoy abundance. In my life, I encountered many people who turned away from leftovers and small tasks that earned little recognition. IContinue reading “Generosity of Spirit”


What is intention and why is it meaningful to have a clarified intention for living? An intention is a purpose that is determined by an individual that guides a path to success. In every action taken, it is meaningful to have a clarified intention because it helps to decipher adequate choices for living. When theContinue reading “Intention”

Earth’s Retribution

Forgive yourself for what has passed To see the world with new light Don’t focus on the damage massed Keep positivity within your sight Use what was to remain aware Take small steps for contribution Find a passion in which you deeply care Let that love be your distribution   Small changes need to gatherContinue reading “Earth’s Retribution”

Success isn’t Always a Battle

Varying tasks for contribution, Stable skills at your command Scout the whole plain for distributions.   Don’t say yes to all demands Take only what you can handle Stable skills at your command.   Success isn’t always a battle It’s a practice to move you forward, Take only what you can handle.   Keep focusContinue reading “Success isn’t Always a Battle”