Making Every Experience Precious

Speak aloud to make yourself conscious, Acknowledge all your thoughts and feelings. Share it with the universe, Don’t get caught up in what you’re experiencing. Speak aloud to make yourself conscious, Let all that you experience have the chance to ring. Welcome all life offers to be diverse, Remain open to all without deciding. SpeakContinue reading “Making Every Experience Precious”

For Full Experience

Don’t calm When emotions are hot Let the heat soar Without getting caught Necessary for full experience To cycle hot and cold Sometimes, it’s a repeat Wise lessons never get old When we witness someone else going through emotional pain, we often rush to calm them, a difficult task when emotions are hot. I findContinue reading “For Full Experience”

June, Month of Mindful

For the month of June, I’ve chosen mindful as the theme for the month. They say that being mindful is about being aware and knowledge often leads us to think that we are conscious, but what about being aware of how we feel about the whole experience at hand? To me, being mindful is aboutContinue reading “June, Month of Mindful”