We are All Connected

Longing for power with man-made currency Not realizing our negative frequency -We are all connected- What is savings in a bank meant for later When we treat other life forms as invaders? -We are all connected- What is gained when we ignore life in others? How does it serve our home, the Earth, our Mother?Continue reading “We are All Connected”

Full Potential

Foresee the wonders in full potential, Unite and bond with the environment. Bring awareness to the beauty of Life, Make a new beginning with acceptance Strengthen your friendship with Mother Nature, You, with the world, make a reconnection.   Don’t turn away from a reconnection, Recognize what is for full potential. Appreciatively explore nature, LovinglyContinue reading “Full Potential”

Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone

  This speech inspired me to recognize the small ways I can give back and build connection with the world around me. The Pope’s words motivate me to continue to disengage from material goods, money and status to solidify my connection to others. We don’t all do grand things, but every effort is a seedContinue reading “Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone”