What does it mean to be authentic and what purpose can it serve an individual? Being authentic is to be a genuine person who is confident to assert their true nature. Authenticity expresses an unquestionable assurance in character and it’s favorable because it emanates a trustworthy, honest virtue that isn’t tainted by falsehood. An authenticContinue reading “Authentic”


  What is perseverance and is it a valuable quality to attain? Within the Journey of Life, perseverance is the ability to continue the journey despite the obstacles that emerge. A perseverant individual possesses a persistent spirit and is willing to endure the diverse experiences that life offers them. With the mentality to proceed, anContinue reading “Perseverance”

Be Confident in Fears

Confidence tends to invoke hidden fears Resistance seeps through the external pores Sounding helpless as they wash out in tears Who can guess what another has in store? For only you can see into your core It isn’t about what the others say Whatever you believe will be your way You can believe or deny,Continue reading “Be Confident in Fears”