All Expressions Tell a Story

Perform your tasks with passion and purpose, You are an instrument in the orchestra you represent. Every note played is a contribution, All expressions tell a story. All expressions tell a story, Emotions trigger responses in an audience. You are an instrument in the orchestra you represent, Every story deserves to be told. Every storyContinue reading “All Expressions Tell a Story”


Inspired by “Community is about finding those champions who believe in you when it is hard to believe in yourself.” -Karen Danudjaja, Co-Founder and CEO of Blume When it’s hard to believe in yourself, Curiosity sets the path to search beyond. It’s a time when others are needed, When a community would fill missing piecesContinue reading “Community”

We Are All Different, But of the Same Species

You perform rituals and ceremonies You create meals and tonics from the resources you gather You practice methods for survival You do your best to share love with your family and community ~ We are all different, but of the same species~ I celebrate traditions and celebrations I create meals and drinks from the resourcesContinue reading “We Are All Different, But of the Same Species”


What is cooperation and how is it favorable in a community? Cooperation is the instance of working together for a common purpose. Cooperation is a favorable attribute in a community because it contributes to the respectful unity that binds an assortment of individuals together. Cooperation is the act to accept coinciding perspectives towards a goal.Continue reading “Cooperation”