Communication: Repost

Today: This poem was written and posted at a time when I learnt the value of sharing my life with others. At that time, it was sharing my experiences with epilepsy. Since that time, epilepsy is gone, and my stroke recovery helps me to continue sharing through communication. It isn’t easy to always understand whatContinue reading “Communication: Repost”

Ways to Communicate

Image by David Clode from The many ways to communicate As we all have energy that radiates It can be done without any words But still our thoughts can be heard   Within nature, listen to all the languages They each carry their own special message All different, yet the same All with purposeContinue reading “Ways to Communicate”

How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul

This speech by Steve Harrison is beautiful to share. It’s filled with encouragement to share and use the power of love to contribute and connect with the world. We all have something to share and have ways to support another, and it all begins with love. We can all sincerely encourage by listening and loving.Continue reading “How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul”