My Greatest Joy

With the holiday season here, I recall the many events and volunteer positions I participated in to celebrate the season and community. Church, non-profit and business gatherings, all requiring organization and enthusiasm. Hard work to celebrate the spirit of Life. ┬áMy greatest joy in life has been in volunteering my efforts to help the greaterContinue reading “My Greatest Joy”

Holiday Gatherings

Time to gather for Christmas And rejoice in celebration.   Decorate to ignite cheer And express exultation.   Wrapped gifts with the joy it brings, As everyone awaits in loving anticipation   Excitement with friends and family, Love is a constant inspiration.   The warmth of gathering, in our hearts stay near; In time forContinue reading “Holiday Gatherings”

Christmas is Here!

After weeks of preparation Decorations Wrapping presents Days of Advent   Christmas day is finally here Family cheer Feast together Love forever   Appreciation all around Ringing bells sound Smiles and hugs warm Gratitude swarms   Happy Holidays! May you all enjoy the festive joy and be warmed by family and friends!  

Tis the Season for Lots of Love

Tis the season for lots of love Gather all friends and family And celebrate the joys from above   Plan a feast and wrap gifts happily Distribute it all around Gather all friends and family   Add the carols to make it sound As it adds love to spirit Distribute it all around   EnjoyContinue reading “Tis the Season for Lots of Love”