To Be Happy is a Choice

Ethan lived with a chronic disability and was often met with restrictions when he wanted to enjoy time with others. People felt sorry for him, always stating how they felt things should be for him, though Ethan believed he was the luckiest person alive. Ethan didn’t attend parties like his siblings, always staying close toContinue reading “To Be Happy is a Choice”

Memory: Is it about Age or Importance?

After listening to the classic complaint that memory is lost due to age, I made an effort to observe everyone’s memory. Starting with the older and retired people, I remembered that when they were working, their minds were sharp. Now, at a loss without pressing schedules or responsibility, they forget small details, yet remember what’sContinue reading “Memory: Is it about Age or Importance?”

Within Your Decision

It’s all within your decision Even when perspectives change It’s not about back then or later It’s about living in the now   Even when perspectives change When you’re left in question It’s about living in the now You will make the choice   When you’re left in question Return to who you are YouContinue reading “Within Your Decision”

Journey of Life

Upon a journey that lasts many years  We would not survive without the smiles that appear  Within each day there is something new to comprehend  And every new experience can become a friend    With every interruption a new door will unlock Present itself as a path or unwanted block  Determine within you what youContinue reading “Journey of Life”

Without any Order or Precision

Without any order or precision You are still responsible to make a decision It will be your wanted choice And it should be one that makes you rejoice   Without a plan that is definite The opportunities to discover are infinite What in life do you wish to apprehend? What are you willing to doContinue reading “Without any Order or Precision”