She Will Bloom

She feels secure with her parents’ support Not admitting she’s secure with herself There are things, bold and daring, that she hopes To receive freely without hardship It cannot be received without a trial Nothing is free in the journey of life Some prices are small, and others are big No matter the price, growingContinue reading “She Will Bloom”

Innocence and Wisdom

They say that children are innocent with pure thoughts and the old become wise in their ability to recognize or apprehend. I’ve wondered about the similarities and differences of these qualities. I remember the time when my daughter was young and how her truthful comments and questions would stop me in my tracks. She wasContinue reading “Innocence and Wisdom”

Be Strong, Inner Child

Be strong, inner child Be strong and courageous To place trust in you Will prove to be advantageous There will be much you can’t do Making life ambiguous It’s always so when it’s new Until you choose to be ambitious Be strong, inner child For trust in you fuels my soul With your dreams andContinue reading “Be Strong, Inner Child”

It is a Child’s Question

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash It is a child’s question That causes us to stop with curiosity, Search for a response honestly And openly reflect and learn   It is a child’s question That leads us to let go of animosity, Compels us to act compassionately And consider the vulnerable with concern   ItContinue reading “It is a Child’s Question”


Treasures that ignite innocence, Give reason to just appreciate. Calling upon wonder curiously, Waking one’s endless quest to grow.   Happy blossoms with cheerful presence Always open and considerate Daring adults to live ambiguously There’s so much for them to still know   Carrying within them a unique essence, Love, through them, emanates. While movingContinue reading “Children”