Go Green

Many innovative ways to Go Green. Despite wanting abundance, please refuse. Purchase greatness, and remember, reuse. Foods you no longer eat, in compost, rots. Items can have double lives, recycle. Sometimes, it’s just too much stuff, please reduce. A small step that’s worthy is to reduce, Creative mindsets help us to Go Green. It’s notContinue reading “Go Green”

November, Month of Go Green

For the month of November, I’ve chosen Go Green as my theme for the month. Go Green is an initiative that is being encouraged worldwide. With the recent reminder of where/how we’ve gone wrong and the signs for a new beginning awakening, I want to share the inspirations I’ve picked up and put to useContinue reading “November, Month of Go Green”

Sign to Change and Renew

Inspired by “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” -Goethe In the depths of heat, When life withers without moisture Searching to rise and escape ending, Something yearns for what’s beyond reach. It is the sign to change and renew, Let go of what can no longer be. Embrace darkness and listenContinue reading “Sign to Change and Renew”