Follow Your Motivation

Every person discovers a motivation that gives them incentive to follow their dreams. It may begin with a small thought within the mind but with allowance to pursue the aspirations, we are welcoming a brand-new adventure of self-discovery. What is motivation? And why does it mysteriously appear to us? Motivation is derived from our personalContinue reading “Follow Your Motivation”


What does it mean to be resilient and how is resilience beneficial to life? To be resilient is to be a person who can recover readily from adversity. Resilience is beneficial because life provides various conflicting situations to develop our person. To be equipped to embrace who we are, a resilient spirit is a significantContinue reading “Resilient”


What is belief and what does it represent in an individual? A belief for an individual represents an inner conviction that is held with a confident trust and acts as a guiding force for the conduct of their life. When a belief has been established, a person acts with brave loyalty to pursue their awarenessContinue reading “Belief”


What is transformation and how does assist an individual’s maturation? Transformation is a process of development. It is a method for learning and a motivation for any person willing to embark on the adventure of self-discovery. A transformation always entails an advancement with plausible opportunities. To accept a transformation is to adhere to a trailContinue reading “Transformation”

Looking like a Fool

“Looking like a fool can still be an inspiration.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large Sometimes we don’t like what we have to do, we focus on what we don’t like and choose to worry about what others are going to think of us. We should never worry that others are going to think that we are asContinue reading “Looking like a Fool”