Invisible Battles

Christopher joined a public speaking group wanting to improve his ability to communicate in front of others. Many told him how proficient he was when talking at meetings, yet he felt his thoughts weren’t expressed naturally, as he always depended on his notes. He couldn’t think of a better way to improve than by puttingContinue reading “Invisible Battles”

Discovering Myself Without a Label

Almost thirty years ago, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I watched as people around me began predicting my life based on the information they found. This made me determined to never say, “I’m epileptic.” because I felt I’d only be known for my medical condition. There was no avoiding what I had, and IContinue reading “Discovering Myself Without a Label”

Challenges Make Life Meaningful

Oscar was born with a lisp and struggled when speaking in front of others. He grew up hearing whispered comments about his defect and became determined to make his own way to succeed. Oscar worked hard to include himself and challenge his defect. He joined speech contests and volunteered to interact with as many differentContinue reading “Challenges Make Life Meaningful”

What’s Wrong with Difficulty?

What is wrong with difficulty? It is the tool that helps one grow It offers direction to reality   What is wrong with a slight casualty? Some are hidden and some are an obvious show What is wrong with difficulty?   Is there no patience to let things happen gradually? Life doesn’t happen in oneContinue reading “What’s Wrong with Difficulty?”